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Breakfast Banana Splits

Breakfast banana splits

Breakfast is my nemesis. It might be the most important meal of the day, but you know, most mornings it’s the first thing I forget. I’m just not that hungry when I wake up, and by the time I am, I’m just not that motivated. It’s a bad habit that I’m working to break, but it’s a hard one. I have yet to come up with a reliable method of reminding myself to eat in the mornings, so if anyone has any great ideas, please share!

Breakfast banana splits

When I saw this recipe in The Best of Clean Eating 2, I knew I had to try it. I love cottage cheese, and I love banana splits. And this breakfast didn’t disappoint – it was filling without being heavy, and took me all of about 3 minutes to make, even making it pretty for the camera.

Breakfast banana splits

I love this breakfast ‘sundae’ because it comes together so fast. While I’m getting the family ready to leave the house in the morning, I can just throw it all in a bowl and eat – no cooking, no fussing. The ingredients are staples in my fridge and pantry, so it’s not like I even have to do any special planning when I shop. The original recipe calls for a beautiful strawberry jam, but that’s the one fruit I rarely have on hand, so I made it with a blueberry-raspberry jam {homemade, of course!} and frozen blueberries. You can make it with whatever combination of fruit and jam you’d like, I think it would be equally delicious with a peach or mango concoction on top. Mmm, I think that has inspired me for the next time I make it!

Breakfast banana splits

Breakfast Banana Splits
(Adapted from The Best of Clean Eating 2)

2 medium bananas
1 cup cottage cheese
2 Tbsp all-fruit jam
1/4 cup frozen fruit, thawed {and chopped, if it’s in big pieces}
1 Tbsp roasted peanuts, chopped

Slice bananas in half lengthwise, and divide between two shallow bowls, two halves in each. {If you are using round bowls, cut the bananas in half width-wise, and arrange the quarters around the bowl.}

Using a measuring cup or ice cream scoop, place a half cup of cottage cheese on top of the bananas in each dish.

Combine jam and berries in a small bowl. Spoon equal amounts of the berry topping over each serving of cottage cheese. Sprinkle with chopped nuts and serve immediately. Serves 2.


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