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Hoot Hoot!

With all the stress I’m feeling over my mom’s health, I’ve taken to my craftiness as a sort of therapy to help me cope and center myself. There’s something meditative and peaceful about repetitive tasks, especially ones that come together into a wonderful creation. I’ve been crocheting a fair bit, but I decided to take to my sewing machine when shopping for birthday presents for my daughter’s friend and her sister was an epic failure. I couldn’t find anything that didn’t strike me as cheap, thoughtless, cluttery, or some combination thereof. I went hunting through my dozens of patterns, and ended up drawn to this adorable owl stuffie pattern by retro mama. I bought it months ago with the intent of possibly creating them for my etsy shop (currently on an indefinite hiatus), but this seemed like the perfect project. I remember my friend, mother of the two birthday girls, telling me that whatever her eldest had, her younger sister also wanted, so I opted to make the same thing for them but with different accent fabrics. I dove into my stash of hoarded fabric pieces – bolt ends, fat quarters, scraps and even yardage purchased without a specific project in mind, and pulled out a few of my favourites.

The owls were a pretty quick cut & sew, only a few pieces and really straight-forward steps. I strayed from the pattern instructions just a little, and I hand-sewed on the eyes, feet and beak for each owl, because the time it takes to rethread my machine four times and sew such tiny stitches wasn’t worth it to me. I used a permanent fabric glue to hold the pieces in place while I stitched them down, and also used a small drop of glue on the wrong side of the front to give some reinforcement to the knots that I tied in the hand-sewn threads. I also only used three strands of embroidery floss instead of the whole 6, because I liked the more delicate look of the winking eye.

I’m really, really happy with how these owls turned out, and I’m already mostly done a third, another birthday gift for one of Eliza’s dayhome friends whose birthday party she missed this weekend. I have a feeling I’ll be cutting some more soon too, Eliza asked for one of her own, and I think I know of a few kids who will be getting these sweet little owls as Christmas gifts!

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