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A Morning Walk

I love walking my daughter to school. It’s a morning ritual for us – get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, walk to school. Every weekday. And on the days that daddy isn’t home, little brother comes along too, tucked in cozily in the big double stroller, usually with a favourite toy clutched in his hands. Rain or shine, through snow and wind, we walk. Every day.

And these are my favourite things about this morning walk.

Friday Favourites

A fresh cup of tea in a travel mug, and my fuzzy, warm Olympic mittens. The mittens need a date with my de-fuzzer, but they’re as cozy and warm as they were on the day I bought them. I love them so much. And the tea? This morning it’s Market Spice, a lovely black tea with a spicy undertone, sweetened with just a smidge of honey.

Friday Favourites

A girl who is so happy to go to school every day, she literally races me the entire way. “Last one to the corner is a rotten egg!” is something I hear frequently, usually yelled over her shoulder as she takes off at a full sprint. I can only hope that she continues to love school this much as she grows older.

Friday Favourites

And a boy who is happy to just go along for the ride, even on chilly mornings, tucked in with a warm blanket {and his favourite toy car, which is under the blanket to keep warm, of course!}

Every so often I get a reality check out of nowhere. It might be something I overhear in passing, something I see… this time, it was something I read. I’m in the middle of reading 419 by Will Ferguson {and it’s a really good book so far, I recommend it!}, and there’s a part in there where one of the characters, a writer, is pondering biographies, the stories of lives, and how they are indexed by their achievements and accomplishments, and not by what truly defined their lives – their hopes, dreams, memories, regrets.

And then this morning, I was surfing my favourite blogs while the kids were eating breakfast, and came across this entry on a friend’s blog: Good Times. And it struck me: every day I go through the same motions, the same rituals. And how much do I appreciate the little things, the things that make me smile, the things that truly define my life? I am so much more than a series of accomplishments {or failures}, titles and descriptions that would index my life neatly. And I want to share those things that make me a real person, and not just be a collection of recipes on the internet. So every so often, I’m going to try to step back, and document some of my favourite things, some of the little things, and appreciate what I have. Starting today.

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Cooking Classes for Little Hands

My daughter loves to help out in the kitchen. She’s my mini chef-in-training, an expert at measuring and adding, kneading and stirring. With how much my husband and I love to cook, it should come as no surprise that she’s eager to assist in the creation of culinary wonders.

When I was about her age, my mom enrolled me in a cooking class for preschoolers. I still remember it fondly, and I still have the duotang of recipes somewhere in a box of memorabilia from my childhood. It was held in the kitchen of the local rec center, and we learned to make things like banana bread, chocolate chip cookies, and tacos. Great fun for the under-5 set! And ever since Eliza was old enough to stand on a stool and dump measuring cups into a bowl, I’ve been on the lookout for a similar thing here. I’ve found multi-session stuff that’s a bit on the expensive side, since cooking school seems to be the “in” thing these days thanks to the popularity of the Food Network. But one day I noticed a calendar up on the wall of our local Superstore, and lo and behold, what did I see? Cooking classes for kids, and in three age ranges: Little Hands (3-5), Kitchen Kids (6-11), and Teens (11-16).

Eliza has done two Little Hands sessions so far – Halloween Fun and Fairy Magic. During the class, the kids make 2-3 really simple items with parental assistance, and get to chow down at the end of class. Recipe handouts are sent home too, so you can recreate the treats at home. Eliza is four and these are perfect for her, just the right pace and not too complicated. She can do most of the tasks with minimal assistance, and I can just see the feeling of accomplishment in her beaming smile as she contributes to the recipe and gets to eat something of her own creation. The classes are just an hour long, and don’t require a commitment to a multi-week session. They are absolutely worth the $9 (plus applicable taxes). Both of the classes she’s taken were at the Huntington Hills location in Calgary, but there are two other locations in Calgary that offer cooking classes as well – Coventry Hills and Deerfoot Meadows. And of course there are other locations in Canada, to see what’s available near you, check out www.pccookingschool.ca. New classes seem to come up frequently, and I’ve just signed her up for one of the holiday-themed ones coming up in December!

I’ve also heard from some mom friends about the birthday parties that Superstore offers as well, with fun activities like making their own pizzas and decorating cupcakes to take home. Eliza’s birthday is in June but she’s already talking about next year’s birthday party, I think I might have to plant this idea in her impressionable little brain. I’d certainly rather outsource that kind of party than host it in my own kitchen!

Do your kids like to cook? What are your favourite things to make with them?

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