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Hello, birdie!

When my daughter asked to be a bird for Halloween, I was overjoyed. I had just seen the most perfect project on Pinterest, and was making mental plans to make her a pair of gorgeous birdie wings to add to her dress-up trunk that Santa is bringing for her. I really wimped out and went easy on her Halloween costume last year as I had just had a baby at the end of September, so this year I was determined to make up for it and make something she’d really love, and something that would continue to get wear after October 31st as a favourite piece of dress-up clothing.

The tutorial over at pluckymomo is super easy to follow, with lots of step-by-step pictures. Rather than using scraps, I decided to hit the discount wall at Fabricland for some 100% cotton, and I ended up finding some great fabrics in rainbow colours, which I knew Eliza would absolutely adore! I used a cotton/poly poplin for a sturdy base, and the rest is all quilting-weight cotton fabric. If you look closely, you can see that I did 3 layers of feathers for each colour except purple, which only got two because of the quarter-circle corner piece.

The only thing I recommend is, instead of using a piece of clothing to measure, get a cloth tape measure and actually measure your child from the center of their back just below the nape of their neck all the way to their wrist. I got a much more accurate measurement this way, my kid is always growing so finding a long-sleeved shirt in her closet that fits was a challenge for me! I also made an extender piece for the neck ribbon, so it could easily be worn over a warm hoodie for trick-or-treating in our chilly climate but also worn inside without the neck strap being super loose. All I did for that was take an extra piece of ribbon, about 4 inches, and added velcro to it the same way I did the main neck strap. Count on having a lot more than 12 inches of ribbon, because you’ll kick yourself if you have to tear it off and re-do it because it’s too short! The sewing itself is a breeze, it took me more time to cut the fabric than it did to sew the entire thing.

And clearly, she loves it. This is exactly what I had hoped for, and every time I see her racing around the house with her birdie wings on, it makes me smile.

Fly, birdie! Fly!

Happy Halloween!

Eliza has been so excited about Halloween this year. Like, ridiculously excited. Last year was the first year she really ‘got’ trick-or-treating, and for the past two weeks she’s been bugging me. “Mom, when’s Halloween?” “We need pumpkins, mom!” “Is it Halloween today?” have been her regular refrains for days. And of course, on Monday, she came ripping into my bedroom. “MOM! Wake up! It’s Halloween!!!” I swear, this is the second best kid holiday, after Christmas.

Because she’s at an age to appreciate it a bit more, we did a little more than the usual costume-pumpkins-candy. Her morning started off with these:

Toast ghosts! With chocolate chip faces. She loves her sandwiches cut into shapes, so why not toast? This is one of Wilton’s “Comfort Grip” cookie cutters, it’s about the right size for a large piece of bread. Maybe a smidge too big, since I clearly was unable to totally avoid the crusts. And of course, she loved it.

Yep, she’s wearing her Christmas jammies, hah. She loves those pajamas, I couldn’t have convinced her to wear something more seasonal if I tried!

The toast ghosts were such a hit, I brought out the Wilton cookie cutters again at dinnertime, this time as pancake molds! A favourite dinner made spooky and special with the help of more chocolate chips and some food colouring.

Our pumpkins went out right after dinner, and here are some photos of them with the lights out. Eliza helped us pick the designs, but we are saving the actual helping to carve for another year. She’s a bit too young to be trusted with a knife, and we were just too busy to give her time to design her own. Next year we’ll plan ahead a little!

Geeky bonus points to anyone who knows the character in the second pumpkin without cheating and looking at the image name! (Hint: it’s not the Flying Spaghetti Monster).

And now, to the whole point of this post, the highlight of our Halloween… I’ve strung my dear readers along long enough with all our other Halloweeniness, and now it’s time for the grand finale, the kids in their costumes. Here they are, my lovely Eliza-bird, and my delicious little Jamie-burger!

Eliza loved her costume, and I’m glad I got her to stick with it. She originally wanted to be a bird, then a unicorn, then a pegasus, then a princess, then a princess unicorn, then a pony, then a bird again. I was able to nudge her back once she saw the beautiful wings that I made for her (more details coming in a future post!), and I’m so glad that she was happy to flap-flap-flap all around the neighbourhood last night.

And my little dude! As soon as I saw this hamburger costume from Old Navy, I knew I had to have it for him. He was warm and cozy in his fleecy costume, and had a great time accompanying his big sister for some of her trick-or-treating and then helping daddy hand out candy.

Next year, I’m planning to ramp up the festivities with some decorating indoors and out, and maybe work on some spookier food ideas! I’m always looking for fun ideas, so I’m wondering, how did your family celebrate?

Trick or Treat!

I love Halloween. After Easter, it’s probably my favourite holiday. Big surprise, my favourite holidays revolve around candy, hah! When I was younger, my grandmother used to have a “Halloween tree” – it was a large branch cut from a tree out back, nailed to a base and spray-painted white. Every year my cousin and I would decorate this bare branch with all sorts of spooky and creepy ornaments. That Halloween tree is but a memory now – we are all grown, and none of us have picked up the tradition again. Maybe next year I’ll spray-paint a branch for my kids and we’ll make a Halloween tree.

But still, Halloween reminds me of my grandmother, and her recent move into an extended care unit has sparked a desire in me to create cards to send to her to brighten her day (and her room). Before her health decline, she was a rubber stamper, and she introduced me to stamping well over a decade ago. I’ve since inherited much of her stash, and seeing those stamps reminds me of her, and inspires me to create. This card is for my grandmother, who loved to see spookily-dressed kids on her doorstep every year. Trick or treat, grandma.

Trick Or Treat!
Cardstock & Paper: Stampin’ Up Basic Black, Tangerine Tango, GinaK Pure Luxury White, miscellaneous patterned paper
Ink & Markers: Tsukineko Memento Tuxedo Black, various Copics
Stamps: Miscellaneous Halloween stamps from CraftSmart (discount bin @ Michaels)
Other: Photo corner punch (to create the banner)

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