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Hello, birdie!

When my daughter asked to be a bird for Halloween, I was overjoyed. I had just seen the most perfect project on Pinterest, and was making mental plans to make her a pair of gorgeous birdie wings to add to her dress-up trunk that Santa is bringing for her. I really wimped out and went easy on her Halloween costume last year as I had just had a baby at the end of September, so this year I was determined to make up for it and make something she’d really love, and something that would continue to get wear after October 31st as a favourite piece of dress-up clothing.

The tutorial over at pluckymomo is super easy to follow, with lots of step-by-step pictures. Rather than using scraps, I decided to hit the discount wall at Fabricland for some 100% cotton, and I ended up finding some great fabrics in rainbow colours, which I knew Eliza would absolutely adore! I used a cotton/poly poplin for a sturdy base, and the rest is all quilting-weight cotton fabric. If you look closely, you can see that I did 3 layers of feathers for each colour except purple, which only got two because of the quarter-circle corner piece.

The only thing I recommend is, instead of using a piece of clothing to measure, get a cloth tape measure and actually measure your child from the center of their back just below the nape of their neck all the way to their wrist. I got a much more accurate measurement this way, my kid is always growing so finding a long-sleeved shirt in her closet that fits was a challenge for me! I also made an extender piece for the neck ribbon, so it could easily be worn over a warm hoodie for trick-or-treating in our chilly climate but also worn inside without the neck strap being super loose. All I did for that was take an extra piece of ribbon, about 4 inches, and added velcro to it the same way I did the main neck strap. Count on having a lot more than 12 inches of ribbon, because you’ll kick yourself if you have to tear it off and re-do it because it’s too short! The sewing itself is a breeze, it took me more time to cut the fabric than it did to sew the entire thing.

And clearly, she loves it. This is exactly what I had hoped for, and every time I see her racing around the house with her birdie wings on, it makes me smile.

Fly, birdie! Fly!

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