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A Simple Scarf

Ever find yourself in a pickle, thinking you’ve purchased a gift for someone when you actually haven’t? My husband and I often buy gifts well in advance of birthdays and holidays, usually when we find a particularly fantastic sale. We stash things in boxes in the Man Cave or the storage room, and periodically pull it out as occasions approach, and see what we have, and what we still need to get. As luck would have it, I procrastinated on Christmas shopping big time for our families. I knew we had some things in the gift stash, but I didn’t bother to check. We finished our shopping with just days to spare before the mailing deadline, and I set to wrapping and packaging on what was likely the very last day that we could ship parcels and not pay ridiculous fees for express service.

And then it hit me. I forgot a gift, and this error would surely be noticed. My husband was at work with the car. There was nothing in the gift stash that would work. My first thought was that I should call my husband and get him to snag an appropriate gift card on his way home from work, but that didn’t really seem like the most thoughtful way to go. That left only one possibility: make something. I had just a couple of hours to get this gift finished, too, so I knew just what I had to do.

This scarf was born out of necessity, and my great love of giant crochet hooks. I have a few jumbo-hook projects on my Pinterest boards, and most of them used 2 or more strands of yarn at the same time. Because of my severe time limitation, I knew simplicity would be key, so I chose a pair of yarns with an interesting colourway and relied on their watercolour hues for subtle detail instead of getting fancy with my stitching. I grabbed two skeins of Lion Brand Homespun yarn, and set to work. I’m not entirely sure what the colourways are on the yarns I had, I believe one is Tudor, but I’m not sure about the other. I don’t think they were the same, but they were similar enough that I think they worked well together. I decided to just wing it and stick with simple stitches, and measured as I went. I knew I was done when the scarf was long enough for me to wrap nicely around my neck! I measured it so I’d have something to share, but obviously this is something that you can change as you see fit.

So, without further ado, here it is, the Super Simple Scarf!

Super Simple Scarf

Q hook (15-16mm)
2 skeins (6oz/170g, 185yd/169m) Lion Brand Homespun (or other chunky) yarn in the same or coordinating colourways
Large-eyed needle for weaving in ends

ch = chain
dc = double crochet

Working with two strands, ch until the scarf reaches the width you’d like it to be, plus 3. (For my scarf, I wanted it to be 10 stitches, so I ch’d 13 across.) Turn.

Row 1: dc in 4th ch from hook. Repeat in each following ch. When you get to the end, ch 3. (For my scarf, it was 10 dcs plus the chains). Turn.
Rows 2+: Repeat row 1 until your scarf is the desired length. Fasten off and weave in ends. (For mine, it was about 35 rows).

See? Simple. You can make this scarf as wide or as narrow, as long or as short as you’d like. My finished scarf was about 8×60″, perfect for a nice big knot at your throat, or to wrap around your neck a couple times. And the Homespun yarn is super-duper soft, perfect for keeping warm in our frigid Alberta winters!

As for the giftee, I’m not sure if she liked it or not, as I haven’t heard from her. But I have two more skeins of Homespun in my stash, so I might just have to make one for myself.

Did you make any gifts this holiday season?

Crochet Stars Garland

Back in October when I started brainstorming for the Deck The Halls promotion with 3M & EverythingMom, I knew I wanted to do some kind of crocheted garland. I wasn’t too sure what I wanted exactly, so I started searching Google Images, Pinterest, and Ravelry. I eventually came across a super sweet star pattern by Jellywares, and thought that these would be the perfect thing to string along my window!

These stars were a surprisingly quick crochet, I was able to whip up all twelve in two decent sittings. It was a very repetitive project, but there’s a certain peacefulness in that, in letting your fingers hook from memory while you listen to music, catch up on a TV show, or just sit and enjoy the silence. In the end, I decided against stringing them along a crocheted garland, and opted instead to hang them individually. I feel they’re more versatile this way, and also I was feeling a wee bit lazy by the time I finished the last star. I really just wanted to hang and admire them, not work out how long to crochet the string, and how to attach them!

It’s not totally obvious, but there are two different sizes of stars. I crocheted two large and one small in each colour, and I just changed my hook size. I used a G hook (4.25mm) for the larger ones, and an F hook (3.75mm) for the smaller ones. It’s a subtle difference in size, but I think it adds a nice variation to them. The yarn I used is a worsted yarn, Vanna’s Choice in Pea Green, Scarlet, Mustard and Rust.

If you haven’t had a peek at the Deck The Halls galleries over on EverythingMom, click on over and check them out! There are some really great holiday decor ideas, and if you vote for your favourite one, you are entered in a draw to win a Visa gift card! Of course, I would love if you would vote for me, because then I could win too, but really, just vote for whatever one you think is the best.

Deck the Halls With EverythingMom and 3M™ Command™ Products

How is your holiday decorating coming? Have you started, or do you wait until December?

Adventures in Felting

Ages and ages ago, I purchased a book on making neat things out of wool sweaters from thrift stores that had been felted and cut up. I even went so far as to buy several sweaters at Value Village, and felt them. So for the past god knows how long, I have had felted sweaters sitting in my crafty stash, taking up space, collecting dust and cat hair, and generally just getting in the way. I have always been really good at coming up with ideas, but not so great at following through.

Enter Pinterest. I follow several crafty ladies, and someone had pinned this lovely sweater bag. Immediately, I knew what I’d be doing – this was the perfect use for one of those felted sweaters hanging out in a milk crate under my desk! And even better, it would make a perfect gift for someone in my family. So I got out my sewing scissors, and went for it. I snipped and cut and pinned and sewed. At first I thought it would be lovely if I could line it with a bright cotton print, but that attempt failed pretty quickly when I realized how long it would take me to pin the lining in place. The felted sweater was too thick to fold down and sew the handles as per the linked tutorial, so instead I reinforced the stretchy edges by running it through my serger, and using a fray-stopper on the snipped threads. The original tutorial had a plain square bottom seam, so to help round the corners a bit, I sewed a seam 2.5″ in from the corner at a 45-degree angle from side to bottom, and then snipped off the excess fabric inside. I feel this gives a nicer shape to the bag, even if it compromises a little in the interior space.

Once I made the bag, I realized that it needed some character, some oomph, something to make it extra-fun. I went stash-diving and found some gorgeous variegated green wool. I used this felted flower corsage tutorial and crocheted up three flowers to felt. I originally planned to do a crocheted rolled rosette, but after test-felting one, it turned into an unidentifiable ball of green. These flowers felted up nicely, it took two washes for the big one and three for the small ones to get just the right amount of felting for me. Once they were done and dried, I pinned them on the bag, and hand-stitched them in place.

Overall, I’m really happy with this upcycled project. I have a couple more felted sweaters in my stash that are sure to have a similar fate!

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