A Morning Walk

I love walking my daughter to school. It’s a morning ritual for us – get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, walk to school. Every weekday. And on the days that daddy isn’t home, little brother comes along too, tucked in cozily in the big double stroller, usually with a favourite toy clutched in his hands. Rain or shine, through snow and wind, we walk. Every day.

And these are my favourite things about this morning walk.

Friday Favourites

A fresh cup of tea in a travel mug, and my fuzzy, warm Olympic mittens. The mittens need a date with my de-fuzzer, but they’re as cozy and warm as they were on the day I bought them. I love them so much. And the tea? This morning it’s Market Spice, a lovely black tea with a spicy undertone, sweetened with just a smidge of honey.

Friday Favourites

A girl who is so happy to go to school every day, she literally races me the entire way. “Last one to the corner is a rotten egg!” is something I hear frequently, usually yelled over her shoulder as she takes off at a full sprint. I can only hope that she continues to love school this much as she grows older.

Friday Favourites

And a boy who is happy to just go along for the ride, even on chilly mornings, tucked in with a warm blanket {and his favourite toy car, which is under the blanket to keep warm, of course!}

Every so often I get a reality check out of nowhere. It might be something I overhear in passing, something I see… this time, it was something I read. I’m in the middle of reading 419 by Will Ferguson {and it’s a really good book so far, I recommend it!}, and there’s a part in there where one of the characters, a writer, is pondering biographies, the stories of lives, and how they are indexed by their achievements and accomplishments, and not by what truly defined their lives – their hopes, dreams, memories, regrets.

And then this morning, I was surfing my favourite blogs while the kids were eating breakfast, and came across this entry on a friend’s blog: Good Times. And it struck me: every day I go through the same motions, the same rituals. And how much do I appreciate the little things, the things that make me smile, the things that truly define my life? I am so much more than a series of accomplishments {or failures}, titles and descriptions that would index my life neatly. And I want to share those things that make me a real person, and not just be a collection of recipes on the internet. So every so often, I’m going to try to step back, and document some of my favourite things, some of the little things, and appreciate what I have. Starting today.

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9 thoughts on “A Morning Walk

  1. Dana

    I think it’s great to take a step back and appreciate the small things. My 13 month old daughter has been driving me crazy in the evenings not sleeping. So I’ve been trying to take a moment during the day to think about what a lovely girl she is and how lucky I am to have her.

  2. Alisha

    Appreciating the small things is so important as that is all life is – a collection of them. I also love walking with my kids – there is just something about an early morning walk.


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