Goodbye, Grandma…

After a long road of declining health, my grandmother passed away peacefully last night. It was not unexpected, and I was able to say goodbye by phone, but the fact that it wasn’t a surprise doesn’t make it hurt any less. My grandmother was a major influence in my life – from an early age she helped to raise me, and we bonded very closely. From childhood through to my entry into adulthood, I visited her often and usually visits were measured in weeks, not days. I had a special bed in her room, and I fondly remember crawling into bed with her as a child and cuddling until it was time to get up, and staying up late watching TV with her. She taught me how to make bread by hand, how to handle pastry… I remember countless hours of baking and cooking in her kitchen, side by side at the counter. And that counter was always full of treats – cakes, cookies, pies… you name it, she made it. And of course, being the indulgent grandma, I was allowed to have pie for breakfast. She taught me the joy of craftiness, and had me painting ceramics by the time I was two. She had me stitching on plastic canvas pretty early, and also taught me to sew and cross-stitch. She didn’t teach me to crochet, but she was sure proud when I showed her I could. There isn’t much that I love that isn’t heavily influenced by her. This whole blog concept is a testament to the amazing woman she was, and the profound influence she had on me.

Here are some photos of my grandmother… I don’t have many, but I also haven’t had a chance to get my hands on many photos of hers, or of my mom’s. A project to come is to digitally archive the family’s photos, and hopefully provide copies to her surviving children & grandchildren.

Shoveling snow, winter 1974.

Four generations – me, my mom, my grandmother, and my grandmother’s mother.

With my grandparents, 1982.

Grandma & me, 1982.

Opening christmas gifts, 1983.

At my wedding, July 2004.

Holding her first great-grandchild (my daughter Eliza), June 2007.

I miss you, grandma. Thank you so much for everything.

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10 thoughts on “Goodbye, Grandma…

  1. Abbe

    You inherited your Grandma’s smile. Beautiful. May she be remembered and honoured in your family for generations to come.

  2. Linda Henshaw

    In every picture you can just see the love in your grandma’s eyes for you. I know how much you will miss your grandma. May your memories help to ease some of your pain,hugs to you.

  3. Alexandria

    What a wonderful grandma she was. I’m so sorry she is gone but thankful you had such an amazing life with her.

  4. Maggie

    Samantha, I’m so sorry for your loss. It looks like you have some really beautiful memories to cherish in the years to come.

  5. Jackie Bowman

    Brought tears to my eyes Hun! I’m so sorry for your loss. Your tribute to her is beautiful & I know she’s smiling down from Heaven knowing that you love her so much! I’ll keep you & your family in my prayers…..

  6. Kelly

    Oh sweetie. I am so sorry for your loss. As I read this, you described all the things I do with my granddaughter who is 4. I hope that all the things we share, leave her with the precious memories you have of your grandmother. Many blessings for healing in the days/ weeks and months to come.

  7. Michelle

    Samantha, there are no words I could possibly say to help you through this time. Please know, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Your Grandma taught you very special lessons but the greatest is how to love with all your heart. *hugs to you*

  8. Raquel

    Samantha, my deepest sympathies to you and your family. After just spending a frightening week worrying about my own grandmother, my heart bleeds for you. Take care and God bless my friend.


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