Festive Bird Feeders

I’m a bit of a bird nut. I love birds, and I love hanging bird feeders around my yard to feed them, especially in the winter. When I was brainstorming outdoor decor ideas for the 3M & EverythingMom Deck The Halls project, I came across this lovely little birdseed wedding favour, and thought it would be absolutely perfect to adapt for a Christmas theme.

The bird feeders were super easy to make, the whole thing came together in mere minutes. The hardest part was stuffing the mixture into the cookie cutter molds. It’s quite sticky, so I recommend wearing a pair of disposable gloves for this if you have them. I got eight palm-sized stars out of one recipe, but they’re a fair bit bigger than the wedding-favour sized ones, I think. The birds love them, though. Mine have been up since the middle of November, and two are already completely gone, and the rest all have big dents in them. I will be making these again for sure!

The 3M & EverythingMom Deck The Halls challenge is drawing quickly to a close, so if you haven’t had a peek at the Deck The Halls galleries over on EverythingMom, click on over and check them out! There are some really great holiday decor ideas, and if you vote for your favourite one, you are entered in a draw to win a Visa gift card! Of course, I would love if you would vote for me, because then I could win too, but really, just vote for whatever one you think is the best.

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3 thoughts on “Festive Bird Feeders

  1. Kelly

    I love these, Samantha. I headed right over to the link. I finally got my bird feeder back up this week. Now to get some of these made and up high so the cat won’t bother the birds. Thanks! Merry Christmas!


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